Pros & Cons: Should GreatAmerica Bill and Collect Your Services?

By: Lori Berry, GreatAmerica: There are a lot of positives to incorporating GreatAmerica offerings into your As-A-Service model. If you’ve done any research on HaaR®, you know it includes a component of pass-through billing where GreatAmerica will bill and collect for your services. You may be wondering if this service would be a good fit for your business so we compiled a list of things that you should consider before making the decision.  

How Does Services Billing Work? 

Also referred to as pass-through billing, bundling, single invoice solution, or Managed Services billing, this is a staple for many of our customers. We pay you upfront for the project or equipment, then include your service dollars on our invoice to your customer. Each month, when your customer pays the invoice, we pass-through the services portion to you. Additionally, we offer usage-based billing options.

How does the process work? We outline the benefits and considerations below.

Pros of GreatAmerica Billing & Collecting Your Services

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