If You Are Working from Home Cyber Criminals Have You In Their Target!

Business and government organizations continue to be targeted by cyber criminals and state sponsored groups who are intent on breaching network security for financial gain. Overall, according to a report released from security firm Risk Based Security (RSB), there were over 3,932 publicly disclosed data breaches in 2020 affecting around 37 billion records, an increase of 141% on 2019.

As many organizations adopt a flexible hybrid working strategy, it is critical that IT security teams ensure their corporate IT security and regulatory compliance procedures and policies extend to employee’s home office environments.

In a recent investigation by Which? an “experimental” smart home was set up that featured a wide range of popular IoT devices. In partnership with NCC Group and Global Cyber Alliance (CGA) the number of attempted hacks and scanning attacks was then monitored over several weeks in 2021. At its peak, over 12,800 cyber attacks were detected in one week and the most targeted device was the home printer!

Given the significant rise in home office printer usage driven by the accelerated adoption of employee home working, over the past 12 months, effectively addressing device and data security and ensuring regulatory compliance is a critical challenge for IT leaders. Contact the FollowMe team at Ringdale® to discover why the world’s leading enterprise and government organizations rely on our FollowMe® Print Management solution to support their corporate workplace and home office print security and compliance requirements.

FollowMe® is a scalable enterprise level print management solution that includes secure printing capabilities for data loss prevention (DLP) and provides essential compliance and tracking features for both corporate and home office workplace environments.

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Source: Ringdale

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