3D Printing in Education – Curriculum Resources

When teachers want to add 3D printing to the classroom, they need help with lesson plans. BE3D Academy provides teachers with 3D lessons that are rich in content, are easy to use and engage students with STEAM subjects. New lessons are now available.

BE3D Academy grows again with 5 more premium 3D lessons. This online resource now has more than 50 lessons available to schools using BE3D eDee as their 3D printing system. Each 3D lesson in BE3D Academy provides teachers lesson plans, worksheets, videos and other resources that do not require any professional development for teachers to use them in the classroom, or remotely, right away.

Each quarter, new 3D lessons are added. Here are five new premium lessons awaiting teachers:

Some students (and teachers) might recognize the term “Ocarina” from the video game, Zelda Ocarina of Time. This style of flute can be in a variety of shapes. Students will create their own Ocarina and learn to play Frère Jacques / Brother John.

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