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Education Industry

Schools often face budget constraints which limit the amount of color printing teachers are allotted. This is unfortunate when studies have proven that color improves learning and retention by 78% and comprehension by 73% (see our white paper “Communication Color” for the full third-party analysis). RISO Inkjet makes color printing an affordable option at less than 2 cents per page. Inkjet’s fewer moving parts and remarkable duty cycle mean that you can print in color for a fraction of the cost associated with toner devices. Plus, RISO’s heatless technology eliminates static and paper curling, which makes paper jams a rarity.

RISO also understands the time limit teachers often face when printing class materials. The average break between classes is a mere 6 minutes, which is many teachers’ printing time. With RISO Inkjet devices ranging from 90 pages per minute up to 160 pages per minute, that 6 minutes can yield over 500 copies. Finally, a user-friendly interface makes printing simple and easy for teachers and students alike.

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Affordable Color, High Speed, and a Small Footprint