Hytec’s original service type, Repair & Return, can provide savings up to 70% of new-board replacement costs, and come with a full year warranty. 

Unmatched Quality

Thousands of circuit boards repaired by Hytec are installed in equipment throughout North America every month. Hytec was built on the quality of its repairs and technical capabilities. All repaired boards are functionally live tested, and must pass stringent internal quality standards before leaving our facility. Hytec’s process-driven quality management system ensures consistency, reliability, and peace-of-mind at your client’s site.

The repair process at Hytec includes:

  • ESD Controlled Facility
  • OEM Genuine Parts
  • ROHS Lead-Free Compliant
  • Standard Work Instructions
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • OEM Modifications & Upgrades
  • Certified Functional Live Testing
  • Independent Quality Assurance
  • Independent Warranty Return Review

Special electrostatic and physical handling precautions are taken throughout our facility to ensure complete protection of your boards. We strongly encourage your technicians to utilize ESD precautions in the field.

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Protect Your Client’s Data