This episode of the “What’s Happenin'” technology podcast, hosted by Andy Slawetsky featured Mark Mathews, who recently retired from Epson, and Mark Roslon, his successor.

First Mathews discussed his recent retirement and the smooth transition to Roslon. Mark reflected on his years at Epson, mentioning the key relationships and achievements during his tenure, such as signing major deals and engaging in significant collaborations.


Keypoints from the interview

Mark Mathews:

  • Retired on June 28, turned in his office equipment, and planned several trips.
  • Smooth transition with Roslon, who had been preparing for the role.
  • Reflects on significant achievements, including signing major deals and collaborating with high-profile figures like Shaquille O’Neal.
  • Encourages dealers to explore Epson’s offerings, emphasizing the benefits of inkjet technology.

Mark Roslon:

  • Background: 14 years at Epson, with roles in product strategy, point of sale in Latin America, and commercial projectors.
  • Emphasizes Epson’s commitment to innovation and vertical integration.
  • Discusses the challenges of disrupting the established laser printing market.
  • Stresses the importance of educating end users and supporting channel partners.

Inkjet vs. Laser:

  • Benefits of inkjet technology: lower energy consumption, reduced waste, lower service requirements.
  • Challenges: overcoming the established preference for laser printers.
  • Long-term strategy: playing the long game to achieve market leadership in inkjet technology.

Channel Partner Support:

  • Comprehensive training programs for channel partners.
  • Epson’s Executive Briefing Center showcases their full range of products and innovations.
  • Sales excellence training to articulate the benefits of inkjet technology.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.