etherFAX Releases New Artificial Intelligence Solution for Automated Data Extraction

Holmdel, New Jersey (July 07, 2021) – etherFAX today announced the release of its new artificial intelligence (AI) solutions: searchable PDFs, OCR, and document data extraction. Ideal for healthcare, finance, legal and enterprise organizations, etherFAX AI uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to extract and digitize data from a range of unstructured documents and forms, streamlining workflow and eliminating manual entry.

“Powerful AI document data extraction transforms unstructured documents — such as faxes, PDFs, and paper-based forms — into structured, searchable data ready to integrate into workflow processes and applications,” said Ben Manning, Director of Product at etherFAX. “Utilizing these cognitive services for data extraction turns content locked in unstructured forms into usable, structured data and fields that can be used to automate workflows and eliminate manual processes.”

Manually searching and keying in data into fields is time-consuming and often leads to human error. With etherFAX’s AI solutions, organizations can quickly transform content locked in unstructured documents such as PDFs and paper-based forms into structured, searchable data ready to be integrated into workflows, applications, or EMRs. Form recognition allows users to incorporate data into third-party workflows, therefore reducing error rates associated with manual data entry.

“Data extraction solves a major problem for organizations that need to process business-critical documents and healthcare information fast and accurately,” said Paul Banco, CEO and Co-Founder of etherFAX. “Form recognition and data extraction turns content locked in unstructured forms into usable, structured data and fields. This allows organizations to improve operational efficiency, automate workflows, and reduce costs.”

etherFAX’s AI solution for document data extraction can be used with multiple formats including JPG, PNG, PDF, and TIFF while results can be extracted into JSON or XML formats. Extracted data can be mapped to third-party systems, allowing tasks such as indexing patient records, scheduling and referrals to be automated. As staff no longer has to spend valuable time unlocking unstructured data trapped in form images, they can focus on more value-added items and tasks that drive revenue.

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Meet CEO and Co-Founder of etherFAX Paul Banco