CEO Juice provides Business & Artificial Intelligence for copier dealers. Processes like this Power BI Report providing historical and current Sales Order insights. This is our most popular Power BI so far.

ID28 – Tech Productivity & Equipment Efficiency

Provides you and your Service Managers ability to review all your service KPIs and metrics with an incredible amount of control and detail. Look at KPIs for the machines in your fleet, and determine which Makes, Models, or other groups of machines are driving your numbers down (or your costs up). Easily pull up recent KPIs for a specific customer who is complaining to their rep.

  • Compare your technician’s primary metrics against the other members of his team, or against ALL your techs, to see who’s excelling and who’s struggling.
  • Have all your technician’s numbers for the entire year at your fingertips when you sit down with her for her yearly review.
  • Review ANY of your KPIs for the year, or for multiple years, or compare year-over-year to see what’s changed for the better or worse (or due to Covid).
  • Pick and choose the numbers or graphs you want to see routinely and pin them to a dashboard that you can look at daily to see how performance is trending.
  • BUILD YOUR OWN PAGES IN THE REPORT by choosing the metrics you want to compare, and the time frame over which you want to compare them.

See samples HERE.


Can You Compare Your Technician’s Primary Metrics?