By John Kane, ecoprintQ: The Evolution of Print Management

Remember when printing was simple? When printers were just printers? In the ever-changing world of technology, there was a time when printers seemed on the brink of irrelevance. Many believed the days of printing were numbered, overshadowed by the rapid march of digital technology, but they couldn’t have been more mistaken. In a remarkable comeback driven by digital transformation and relentless technological progress, print management has not only revitalized itself but also undergone a profound reimagining.

Today, printers and multifunction devices (MFDs) are at the forefront of efficiency, seamlessly integrating innovation and connectivity to offer an experience that reflects the dynamism of our digital era. The evolution of print has moved beyond simple hardware provision to a sophisticated Managed Print Services approach. This transformation isn’t just about producing documents and printing output; it’s about enhancing security and optimizing operations through insightful print analytics.

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SOURCE ecoprintQ