How the Copier Industry’s Biggest Buyer’s Group Began

In 1987, fifty-one independent dealers began envisioning an expansive potential for their businesses if they could just lower the cost of parts and supplies. They recognized that combining their buying power could make them more competitive in the Industry. While strengthening their cohesiveness and allegiance to one another through a membership program, they could still retain their separate identities, and increase their competitive edge. Thus, IBPI was formed. These entrepreneurial dealers began their negotiated pricing arrangements with 2 manufacturers. Today, those numbers have increased dramatically. There are now over 500 Members in IBPI, representing over $6 billion in annual sales-with over 30 Preferred Vendors. This makes IBPI the largest buying group in the Industry and we intend to stay that way! IBPI is an organization that continually upgrades and improves the quality and pricing of the products our Members offer and service.

Our Mission

To combine the buying power of our Membership through purchasing programs negotiated with Industry Suppliers who provide quality products and services that are mutually beneficial to the Members and Suppliers.

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