Best Practices for Accounts Payable: An Insider’s View

By Gigi Kelso, DocuWare – June 21, 2021

DocuWarians is a blog feature that introduces you to the people behind the product. In this post, Gigi Kelso, Manager of Collections and Accounts Receivable tells us about her experience working with and without digital document management.

My responsibilities at DocuWare are …

I’m the manager of accounts receivable and order processing, but I’m also in charge of accounts payable.  I use DocuWare on a daily basis.  With DocuWare’s workflow capabilities, every invoice is indexed, stored, reviewed, approved and processed in less than an hour. This used to take at the very least a day and sometimes over a week with the paper-based, manual processes I’ve used at my previous workplaces.

My background prepared me for this role because …

I went back to school as an adult to get my bachelor’s in accounting at Mount St. Mary College. After graduation, I was hired by a large cable TV company that used DocuWare. I left that job and went to a smaller company that didn’t use a document management solution. I found checking and approving invoices extremely labor and time-intensive.

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