How Following Industry Standards Help Grow Federal Sales

By Steve Noyes

Have you ever bought a product, and then been disappointed?

The failure of a product to satisfy expectations can trouble individual shoppers, large corporations, and even the world’s largest consumer – the US Federal Government.

Therefore, we wanted to identify some of the hurdles that plague the Imaging Supply Industry.

These can include the intentional or unintentional misrepresentation of non-OEM laser toner and inkjet supplies, and a misunderstanding of collection options, production methods, performance testing, and quality standards.

As a sub-set of the Office Products universe, the imaging supply category can represent between 20%, and up to 36% of total volume (i.e. on GSA FSSI OS2).  This is a category of consequence.

Our community is haunted by ancient references.  Previously released bids can get recycled from one Purchasing Manager to the next without the benefit of an update.  Clover can help clarify certain vernacular language nuances that can menace the acquisition process.

Responding to an RFI, entertaining an RFQ, or a bid posted on the GSA eBuy portal, begins with validating the terminology employed by the host Agency.  Product standards and appropriate terms should guide the selection process and the attendant calculation of “Fair and Reasonable” pricing.  Questions can arise due to ambiguous language.  Please invite Clover to get involved.  Sometimes, a simple phone conversation or written request for clarification can provide direction.  Certain engagements can escalate to a formal protest.  The probability of a successful outcome is enhanced if: a Clover solution is specified before the bid is released, or a pre-solicitation protest strategy is pursued.   It’s not impossible, but it can be complicated to reverse a decision after the award.

Key concerns that could compel a pause for clarity, or trigger a protest, include:

  1. A suspicious price delta between options – Quantify if a broad spectrum exists between the OEM, a Remanufactured green option, and non-TAA and Section 889 compliant counterfeit clone compatibles.

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