Sharp Corporation has announced the appointment of Masahiro Okitsu as its new President and CEO, effective June 2024. Okitsu replaces Wu Po-Hsuan, who served as the CEO since 2022. This transition marks a shift in Sharp’s leadership as the company continues to steer through the competitive electronics market, including office equipment and printers.

Masahiro Okitsu, who previously held the position of Executive Vice President, brings experience and strategic vision to his new role. His appointment is expected to boost Sharp’s efforts in innovation and global expansion. Okitsu’s leadership will focus on driving forward Sharp’s technological advancements and enhancing its competitive edge in the global market​ (Sharp Global)​​ (Wikipedia)​​ (Sharp Global)​.

This leadership change comes as Sharp continues to showcase its cutting-edge technologies and sustainable solutions. The company recently introduced a range of innovative products at CES 2024, highlighting its commitment to future growth and sustainability​ (Sharp Global)​.

For more information about Sharp’s executive team and their strategic initiatives, you can visit their corporate overview page (Sharp Global)​.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.