By Chisholm Tucker, etherFAX: Our partner, One Touch Global Technologies, is at the forefront of providing enterprise fax technology and document management solutions specifically tailored for healthcare, finance, legal, and other document-intensive industries. One Touch enables organizations to eliminate inefficient manual paper handling by automatically routing transactional documents received via paper, fax, and email to desired destinations using customizable workflows.

For nearly 30 years, One Touch has delivered solutions that integrate effortlessly into existing systems. This means there is no need for users to alter their current workflows, which can be a significant barrier to adopting new technologies. By focusing on creating solutions that fit within the existing framework of an organization, One Touch Global minimizes downtime and maximizes productivity.

By integrating with etherFAX’s secure document exchange solutions and workflow automation technology, One Touch Global ensures that businesses can operate smoothly without compromising on security.

Key Benefits:

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