Visitors from six countries attended the RT VIP Imaging Expo in Lima, Peru, on June 20. Many of them were women who run printer, copier, and imaging supplies businesses.

The Lima event is the second of three one-day events bringing manufacturers and suppliers together with importers, distributors and bug buyers. It is the fifth such event to be run in the past 60 days, with others in Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya) and Dubai (Arab Emirates). A sixth and final expo will be held in Sao Paulo (Brazil) on June 25.

158 visitors from 85 companies from Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Chile attended the Lima event. It kept the 31 exhibitors from China, South Korea, Peru, and Brazil busy until well after the expo’s close at 7:30 p.m.

“This is the fifth VIP event we have run so far in the past 60 days,” said David Gibbons, Comexposium Recycling Times’ (C-RT’s) Director of International Events and Communication. “That’s an average of one event every 12 days. We still have one more to go in June in Brazil. In the past 12 months, we will have run 10 events in 10 cities.”

“This is the first industry event to be run in Peru for 16 years,” said Gustavo Molinatti (pictured), C-RT’s International Event Manager. “I ran the previous one myself back in 2008.” As the Argentinian-based partner of C-RT, he is now responsible for managing each of the six regional events planned each year in the Middle East-Africa (MEA), Asia Pacific (AP) and the Americas.

These newly modelled events are run in 5-star hotels, with a working lunch and cocktails offered to provide an unparalleled event experience for exhibitors and visitors alike. This event was held at the JW Marriott Hotel Lima on the shores of the Pacific Ocean.

Lucky Draw Winner 

There were two winners of free accommodation in Zhuhai during the RemaxWorld Expo in October 2024. The lucky draw was held during the cocktails function near the conclusion of the event.

Miguel Ortiz Coaquira from Micamerb and Bibiana Auaga Huaranga from Corparacion Ross Digital  (pictured) both won the lucky draw prize.

Following requests from many international visitors, the RemaxWorld Expo has brought back the offer of free accommodation for the October 2024 event. RT has carefully selected hotels capable of providing comfortable hospitality and accommodation, guaranteeing a pleasant experience for guests.

Free shuttle buses will also assist visitors to travel to the expo. Attendees who register online before August 5th will automatically be entered into a draw for free accommodation.

Images of the event

SOURCE Comexposium Recycling Times

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