Umango is a powerful software tool that allows an easy-to-use bulk document scanning solution. At the same time allows you to create rules around the information you want to extract from your scanned paperwork or captured images and then use this information to name, file, and push it into your chosen document management system. Data from both scanned paperwork and images can be extracted simultaneously on a page-by-page basis or combined.

Welcome Videos

Umango has heaps of introduction and how to videos to get you up and running quickly and easily. They have just added a new Umango Welcome Video, read further for a link to the video.

Welcome Tour

When you first install Umango the Getting Started offers heaps of assistance to get you up and running.

Job Wizard

These wizards ask a few quick questions to create a Umango job to meet your needs in no time.

RegEx Wizard

Need to create sophisticated capture? Regular expressions can help capture the information you need from your documents. The RegEx wizard in Umango helps you build the rules you need quickly and easily.

“Tech Tid Bit” Videos

These “Tech Tid Bit” videos focus on specific features of Umango in only a few minutes…

Click here to read more about Umango’s ease of use and to view the videos

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