The Path to Your Customer’s Digital Transformation Begins with Eliminating E-Mail

The Path to Your Customer’s Digital Transformation Begins with Eliminating E-mail

Looking to accelerate your customer’s digital transformation? Encourage them to do away with e-mail associated with orders for print and workflow processes. Look at the facts: e-mail is inefficient, time consuming, typically requires a shared inbox, lacks collaboration, and cannot easily be integrated with workflow. Do your customers have any idea of the time and labor costs related to processing e-mailed print orders and artwork? Do they understand the savings they could achieve by automating order entry and other e-mail processes? If they don’t, they should because email has outlived its usefulness as an online ordering tool.

With that in mind, let’s examine the time, costs, and production challenges of accepting e-mail orders and make a case for how Web to Print software like RSA’s WebCRD can save your customers money and accelerate their digital transformation.

Too Much E-mail

“The 2021 North American Production Software Investment Outlook” study from Keypoint Intelligence found that 93% of print service providers (PSPs) still receive orders via e-mail. Among those 93%, 35% of all orders come in via e-mail. In addition, 92% of customer artwork is sent by e-mail. That’s unacceptable in an era of Web to Print solutions that enable greater efficiencies and fewer errors. To compound the problem, each e-mail order requires 2.2 follow-up emails, which amounts to an average of 4.5 minutes for e-mail exchanges for the print shop, according to Keypoint Intelligence.

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