Everyone in the imaging supplies industry around the globe has heard of Ninestar. This includes both printer OEMs as well as the aftermarket. That’s probably because the Ninestar Group is the parent for companies including Apex Microelectronics, Static Control, G&G, Pantum and Lexmark.

Ninestar is the only company people aware of that is both OEM as well as aftermarket.

G&G is a premium global brand from Ninestar, delivering gold standard consumables and professional printing solutions to more than 200 million consumers in over 170 countries.

Can you share with us what was the original intention of establishing the G&G brand? What can partners and users expect from G&G?

 Zhang: We established the G&G brand right back when Ninestar was founded. Our vision is to become the eminent high-tech service provider in the printing industry and to build a globally renowned trusted brand. So G&G was born to offer high-quality and affordable alternatives.

When you look at the G&G logo, you see a pair of hands holding tightly together. This represents the firm and everlasting relationship Ninestar has built with our partners. That’s because we value every partner. In our genes, we know that product quality is for life, and customer is for a lifetime.

Many asked why we choose a penguin as our branding image. Well, penguins live in the Antarctic. The climate there has been changing and bringing challenges to the survival of these lovely creatures. We hope the image of the emperor penguin always reminds people to be environmentally friendly.

Being friendly to the environment and aiming to reduce our carbon footprint are also the reasons why we offer a reliable, safe, premium range of reman alternatives to customers coupled with our “going green” recycling program.

So far, G&G has brought the best images to over 200 million end-users worldwide with an OEM-like printing experience.

We see it as our mission to help people work for their best image by making printing simple, reliable, affordable and sustainable through innovation, efficiency, and respect to people.

SOURCE Ninestar

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