sysHUB’s print offering benefits from enhanced output management capabilities.

  • Direct print in Zero Trust environments via uniFLOW Online
  • Native viewing of print data streams and data formats
  • Efficient print job load balancing
  • First-grade workflow search functionality

sysHUB’s enhanced uniFLOW Online adapter connects organizations to sysHUB and uniFLOW Online to benefit from direct printing in micro-segmented Zero Trust network environments. To improve sysHUB’s output management capabilities and performance, PDL viewing capabilities have been added to view various print data streams. Device groups have also been introduced to split the workload between devices allocated to a specific group. Other improvements to the WebClient have been added as the Workflow Designer has received a new search functionality, a new dashboard allows sysHUB operators to customize the “home screen” to display various widgets with server information. The new release  refines sysHUB’s usability, performance, and user experience.

Direct print and Zero Trust support with uniFLOW Online

In the traditional office, PCs and printers are typically on the same network or split into different virtual networks (VLANs), bridging the gap with a print server. If one PC becomes infected or compromised, the issue may spread because it can ‘talk’ to anyone else. With a full Zero Trust micro-segmented network, companies secure business-critical data by isolating each network endpoint as much as possible from all other network points. Combined with uniFLOW Online, sysHUB offers direct printing to support print job release in micro-segmented Zero Trust network environments. Print jobs submitted from a connected application are sent to sysHUB for further processing then handed over to uniFLOW Online to be released directly at a specific office device.

Native viewing of PDLs and data formats

This release upgrades sysHUB’s output management offering, as users can now benefit from integrated native PDL (PDF, PCL5, PCLXL, PostScript, AFP) and data format (txt, JSON, XML) viewing. Regardless of which job overview the sysHUB user is in, they can always view incoming data streams meta data (page attributes) and download a PDF preview.

Load balancing of large print jobs

Intelligent load balancing is crucial in customer environments with high printing demands to ensure efficient production. We have added a first-rate feature to the sysHUB printing function set by introducing device groups for load balancing. Operators no longer need to monitor the device workloads or to manually drag and drop jobs to them to, ensure all devices are busy. The workload within a device group is split based on a round robin approach, so that less busy devices receive jobs first, leading to smoother production and intelligent device usage.

Powerful search engine enhances the Workflow Designer

uniFLOW sysHUB 2024.1 introduces an outstanding search engine to the Workflow Designer which can look up values (processes or parameters) used in an open workflow (local) or within a workflow repository (global) and highlight them which simplifies use and enhances customer experience.

Global search with result table and highlighted results

Local search with highlighted results