ACDI is Amped to Announce New Terra Energy Services Reseller Partner

Pacific Office Automation has joined ACDI as the latest reseller to offer Terra Energy Services,  a new division for electric vehicle charging stations for the reseller channel.

Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI), a world-class service and solutions provider, is pleased to announce the addition of Pacific Office Automation of Beaverton, OR as its latest Terra Energy Services reseller.

With POAs’ existing commitment to supporting sustainability initiatives, this partnership offers an opportunity to deepen the relationship between POA and ACDI while adding value to the customers they serve. The collaboration began almost ten years ago and has evolved into an alignment of company cultures and a mutual commitment to excellence.

Josh Lane, President and CEO, ACDI, says, “POA’s commitment to innovation and sustainability is extraordinary. They’ve seen success on many fronts for almost 50 years.  Albeit early, there is no doubt that they will successfully define and direct the infrastructure for electric vehicle charging.  It is a true honor to forge this path with them. “

You cannot speak of thought leaders, innovators, or movers and shakers in the imaging channel without mentioning POA. As the largest private dealership in the nation, with 35 locations, they make a powerful impact on a major scale and are a point of pride in each community they call home.

“As an independent dealership, we have the ability to pivot quickly and adopt new technology, which contributes greatly to the rapid growth of our business. Our clients trust us to bring innovation to their business and this is an additional opportunity for us to support our customers,” said Doug Pitassi, President and CEO,  Pacific Office Automation.

According to Ground View Research, the EV charging infrastructure market will be worth $217.06 Billion by 2030. With a forecast of that caliber, it’s a wonderful opportunity to differentiate an organization and drive sustainability initiatives that secure a promising future for all.

Scott Brenton, Sales Director, Pacific Office Automation, says, “This could not be a better fit for POA and our customers. We are grateful for the relationship we have with ACDI and the opportunity to do more business together. Our sales teams are highly skilled and ready to take this exciting product line to the field.”

The latest buying trends suggest that consumers are 60% more likely to purchase from organizations that consider themselves environmentally conscious and have taken up the call to sustainability stewardship. Companies that impact systemic change can expect increased customer satisfaction and retention.

We are very excited to bring this new technology/services opportunity to our channel and to have a thought leader like POA partner with us as an early adopter is a great privilege.  With their long track record of success, we know they will have a positive impact on Terra Energy Services and the entire EV Charging market,” said Mark Hart, Vice President of Business Development and Marketing, ACDI.

About POA:

Pacific Office Automation started in 1976 in Portland, Oregon, selling copy machines. Forty-four years later, we are a recognized leader in office management solutions, offering state-of-the-art technology and award-winning customer service that has helped us grow to 35 offices throughout Oregon, Washington, California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, & Texas.

Pacific Office Automation is committed to supporting sustainability initiatives. Our goal is to foster partnerships that will enhance our local economy with a commitment to environmental community service and mentoring.

POA And ECR are recycling machines, toner and cardboard at a rate of 99% or more. POA’s continuous efforts in recycling these products will have a significant impact on landfills and the preservation of our natural resources.

About ACDI

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Mark Hart

VP of Business Development and Marketing, ACDI

Tel: 800.990.2234



PULL QUOTE: Our clients trust us to bring innovation to their business and this is an additional opportunity for us to support our customers. Doug Pitassi, President and CEO, Pacific Office Automation.


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