Print Securely and Track Costs Without Local Print Servers in Remote Locations

Why pair Google with uniFLOW?

Working closely with Google has enabled uniFLOW to integrate with the native Chrome OS™ printing system, endorsed in education and a growing front runner in enterprise business. uniFLOW expedites management of your print infrastructure in a Google Workspace and Chrome OS environment. Providing robust scan processes to store documents in Google Drive™ for Business, directly from the device, makes filing easy for users.

Native Chrome device printing made easy

uniFLOW is a Chrome Enterprise Recommended solution. As a Google technology partner, we have developed a powerful and reliable solution for schools, universities, or businesses of any size. uniFLOW enables the Chrome devices native printing system to be used without needing any extensions, apps, or additions. The solution creates an optimized, secure printing experience for all Chrome users, maximizing the benefits in enterprise and educational environments.

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Source: NT – Ware

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