Ten Quick Wins for Small Businesses to Accelerate Digital Transformation

How Your Organization Can Create Value And Achieve Its True Digital Potential

Note: This post is adapted from its original publishing by Konica Minolta Europe’s Head of Strategy and Business Development at the Konica Minolta Business Innovation Centre, Milan Lakhani.

Constant and unpredictable change has become the ‘new normal’ for business owners and their employees. In this ever-evolving environment ‘traditional’ operations and models are being drastically disrupted, struggling to compete, or deliver the outcomes they need at the speed demanded. However, there are organizations that are thriving and leapfrogging ahead, and their success is attributed to embracing digital transformation (DX) as a top strategic priority.

So, how does an organization join this small but growing elite group? It begins with defining the DX strategy for the organization, which can seem a daunting prospect. However, by following ten guiding steps it is possible to embark on a program of change that encompasses people, process and technology.

  1. Decide who should lead your company’s digital agenda

It is imperative that whoever leads the…

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