Leading suppliers of printers, copiers, and imaging supplies from China, India, South Korea, and the United States are travelling to South America for the RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo to meet with importers and distributors want to grow their businesses.

Crossing international borders, the suppliers will venture into Chile, Peru, and Brazil and meet face-to-face with the buyers. Numerous suppliers eagerly await the exhibition’s kickoff in Chile on June 17, eager to display their new products and services to the buyers.

“The exhibition will include toner cartridges, ribbons, ink, chips and other copying and printing consumables,” said Cecile Zheng, the Vice General Manager of Comexposium Recycling Times, the organizer of the events. “We are excited to share the excellent products to these strategic Latin markets.”

The event consistently adopts the highly effective roadshow expo model. The new event model continues to facilitate strong connections between global buyers. Events have also been held in Mexico, Argentina and Colombia. In April, the same event was held in three cities in Africa and the Middle East.

This year marks a significant milestone as the RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo extends its reach to Chile and Peru for the first time. The event will introduce new supplier resources and cutting-edge products and services from around the world to local buyers.

The Expo will be held in Santiago (Chile) on June 17-19, followed by Lima (Peru) on June 20-21, and São Paulo (Brazil) on June 25-26. The first day of the event will be an intense exhibition and cocktail of buyers and suppliers in a 5-star hotel. The free working lunches, meals, and continuous coffee and drink will be served to all the attendants. On the second day, after the event has closed, suppliers and buyers can arrange confidential, face-to-face meetings at agreed meeting places, or over a meal at a nearby hotel.

Agenda for RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo–America 2024
12:00 pm Working Lunch – Expo opens
1:30 pm – 5:30 pm Coffee Time
6:00 pm – 7:00 pm Cocktails & Awards
7:15 pm Expo closes
DAY 2: Exhibitors can arrange confidential, face-to-face meetings with buyers at agreed meeting places, or over a meal at a nearby hotel.

RTMworld VIP Imaging Expo—Americas 2024 acts as a bridge for buyers to engage directly with global suppliers. Visitors not only gain access to new products and services at the events but also have an exclusive opportunity to explore new business partnerships. Furthermore, they can also gain market insights and stay updated on the latest trends by communicating with global suppliers.

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