Description: At the TD Synnex Reseller Conference in Greenville, SC, HP took a prominant role as a key sponsor, with Jamie Deegan of HP’s commercial print program delivering a presentation on the state and future of the print industry. Despite the pandemic, the print industry has demonstrated resilience, achieving a 14% annual growth rate in print jobs from 2020 to 2022.

Key Highlights:

  • Print Industry Growth: Deegan highlighted the growth in print jobs, with a 50% increase in February 2020 compared to the previous year. This underscores the continued relevance of print, particularly in education and workplace environments.
  • Future of Print: Despite the rise of digital tools, print remains crucial for information mediation and comprehension. Deegan emphasized that 70% of workers still rely on print multiple times, showcasing its enduring importance.
  • Technology Trends: The session explored current and future technology trends, including the growing demand for color devices and the potential for healthcare to drive industry growth. HP is committed to addressing these trends with innovative solutions.
  • Hybrid Work Models: The presentation discussed the increasing prevalence of hybrid work models, combining in-office and remote work, which has driven demand for HP’s low-end printers.
  • Economic Impact: Deegan expressed concerns about the recession’s impact on IT spending, but highlighted HP’s strategic focus on four core growth areas: remote collaboration, learning, communication, and healthcare.
  • HP’s Competitive Advantage: HP aims to lead in digital transformation, with a refreshed product portfolio and aggressive pricing strategies. Deegan underscored HP’s commitment to evolving with customer needs and maintaining a competitive edge.

Action Items for Partners:

  1. Provide feedback on HP programs to Jamie Deegan.
  2. Engage with HP representatives at the booth to learn more about special promotions and product offerings.
  3. Consider integrating HP’s innovative print solutions into customer proposals to enhance value.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.