How to Create Effective Car Stocks and Spending Plans

Identify a Piece of the Business Each Tech is Responsible to Manage:

Creating effective service territories with 80% or greater territory integrity is a critical first step. Then, you can create territory-based parts spending plans and predictive car stock recommendations that are relevant to the environment where the technician is working

Cost Controls Must be Tied to Company Financial Goals:

The territory-based technician spending plans must be based on the financial goals of the company and relevant to the environment where each tech is working

Achieving Correct Inventory Turns is Necessary:

Accomplishing 4 turns annually on techs car stock inventory items is a critical part of effective parts inventory management. This reduces the amount of money needed for ongoing inventory purchases and reduces the amount of inventory dead-stock obsolescence write-offs

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SOURCE Pros Elite Group

Effective Parts Management – Are You Losing Easy Money?