Optra Edge is a first-of-its-kind integrated hardware and software solution for rapidly creating and deploying remote applications at scale. Edge AI brings computing power physically closer to where data is generated—to the edge of the network or device—in order to enable faster and less costly data processing, increased bandwidth and improved data privacy/security. In addition to executing AI applications closer to the point of need, Optra Edge acts as a translator between devices and back-end systems and provides powerful local computation ability without the cloud.

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Organizations are awash in data—but using that data to improve your business and gain a competitive advantage requires capital and highly technical skills that many businesses don’t have at the ready.

Optra Edge is a user-friendly, user-focused platform combining edge compute hardware, a low code/no code cloud-based management portal and pre-built AI/ML applications that make it fast and easy to turn real-time data into real-time action.

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