IBPI is at IT Nation Secure

IBPI is the office equipment industry’s largest buying group. Our members get best in class pricing from our vendors and a rebate check every year based on their purchases. We currently have over 30 vendor programs and we are over 500 members strong and growing. We are always looking for new members and vendors to become a part of our group.

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What is IT Nation Secure?

As an attendee, you will experience three impactful days of speakers, sessions, and peer networking opportunities focused on cybersecurity. Whether you are focused on building a new cybersecurity offering or are further in your journey, helpful information is available for all business maturity levels and organizational roles. IT Nation Secure will help you:

  • Prioritize and build a cybersecurity-first approach with your team
  • Navigate and understand the ever-changing threat landscape
  • Transition to a cybersecurity-focused business strategy
  • Package and sell cybersecurity services for a more robust revenue stream

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The Top Members of IBPI