Changing the MPS game: The Cartos Suite Origin Story

Superhero origin stories are mainstream, with tales of how Wonder Woman and Captain America got their start delighting audiences nationwide. Origin stories help us connect to what motivates people and led us to be where we are today. The origin story of Cartos Suite, a collection of cloud-based managed print services (MPS) applications from In Time Tec, gives insight into how the project started. A little inspiration from Halo, some experience, and a willingness to innovate combined to make a suite of software products we are proud of.

Cartos Suite was born out of a need to make a difference in MPS. In 2014, a former Chief Technology Officer of an OEM’s MPS program joined In Time Tec. From their point of view, the current ways of delivering MPS fleet assessments were inefficient. MPS providers faced many challenges, including relying on paper-based mapping, efficiently creating optimized future fleet designs, locating detailed device specifications, reliably generating accurate pricing, cumbersome employee training, and employee turnover.

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SOURCE In Time Tec

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