Company unlocks the power of siloed security data to deliver a holistic view across MSPs clients’ environments with a new MSP risk scoring system.

ORLANDO, Fla., June 4, 2024 – ConnectWise, one of the world’s leading software companies dedicated to the success of Managed Service Providers (MSPs), has unveiled ConnectWise Security360, empowering MSPs to consolidate and standardize security data from disparate tools, providing a comprehensive overview of their clients’ attack surface. By harnessing the power of ConnectWise Security360, MSPs can unlock the full potential of their security tools, enabling them to enhance threat detection, streamline response efforts, and continuously optimize their clients’ security posture.

ConnectWise Security360 enables MSPs to aggregate all the data from disparate security tools (e.g., endpoint detection and response; risk management; vulnerability and patch management; SIEM; compliance; remote management) and then normalizes those inputs to derive an MSP Security Score. This score clearly communicates the risk exposure across the MSPs’ client base and allows them to visualize the effectiveness of their security services. It also helps pinpoint MSPs to the issues that require immediate attention for remediation.

A significant cybersecurity challenge for MSPs arises from managing the immense volume of data generated by numerous IT security tools, often leading to manual data aggregation and analysis efforts, blind spots, tool fatigue, and a reactive rather than proactive approach to security. According to Canalys, MSPs’ cybersecurity practice consists no longer of one or two products – it’s a whole suite of six or more products, increasing the challenges related to silo-based tools and the amount of data they need to aggregate and normalize.

“One of the most frustrating parts of managing a modern security landscape is having to make a risk-based decision knowing the data is out there, but not readily available,” said Ameer Karim, EVP and GM Cybersecurity and Data Protection at ConnectWise. “We are proud to introduce ConnectWise Security360, which is a game-changer for MSPs as it allows them to make better real-time, risk-based decisions by transforming their security data into meaningful insights, reducing alert fatigue, improving efficiency, and minimizing the risk of errors. With an easy-to-use interface built for security experts and non-security experts alike, the new MSP scoring system in ConnectWise Security360 empowers MSPs to confidently manage their clients’ security posture.”

ConnectWise Security360 delivers the following benefits:

  • Holistic protection by unifying MSPs entire security tech stack, aggregating and correlating the data by normalizing across different vendors, sources and tools.
  • Minimizes client risk exposure by visualizing the impact of MSP security services and identifies issues for immediate remediation.
  • Differentiate your value by expediting time-to-remediation, enhancing the productivity of MSPs’ staff, and bolstering the effectiveness of their clients’ security controls.
  • Scales for growth, as ConnectWise Security360 will grow with you and will support the latest cybersecurity solutions.

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SOURCE ConnectWise