In a recent episode of the What’s Happenin’ podcast hosted by Andy Slawetsky, Bryan Ammons of Standard Office Systems (SOS) Atlanta, a Flex Technology Group company, celebrated his 50-year career with SOS. Starting as a part-timer during his senior year of high school, Bryan made the move into sales, subsequently becoming vice president and finally sole owner. In May of 2022, SOS was acquired by Flex Technology Group, an experience Bryan describes as largely positive, noting that not much has changed in their day-to-day operations.

The podcast further discussed SOS’s significant shift from copier sales to offering managed IT and telephony services. Over the past decade, Bryan explained, managed IT services have become a focus for the company, with substantial resources invested in this area. The payoff has been worth it, as these services offer recurring revenue and stability for their clients. Bryan also mentioned the cultivation of a dedicated sales team for managed IT services and the employment of outbound marketing strategies. Since partnering with Flex, SOS has been able to leverage their expertise and network, enjoying better pricing from vendors and fostering growth in managed print services. Bryan’s passion for his work is evident as he celebrates his career milestone at SOS; congratulations on an amazing achievement!

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.