How to Take Your Customers’ Experience From “Very Good” to “Excellent”

By GreatAmerica: What we learned from Valerie Cockerell, Leadership Coach & former facilitator at the Disney Institute, and Dan Cockerell, former V.P. of Disney Magic Kingdom and author of How’s the Culture in Your Kingdom? after GreatAmerica recently attended IT Nation Evolve.

If you have ever sent out a customer survey to collect feedback around customer satisfaction, you’ve likely asked a question like, “How has your overall experience been with Company ABC?”

The responses you get back probably vary:

  • 40% – Excellent
  • 45% – Very Good
  • 10% – Good
  • 2% – OK
  • 3% – Bad

When you review this feedback, your eyes likely wander to the 3% who noted their experience as “Bad”. Of course, the 3% needs to be addressed, but that’s actually the easiest portion to fix.

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SOURCE GreatAmerica

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