Whether logistics companies or government institutions such as the fire department, police or postal service: many companies and organizations own large fleets of trucks or cars that need to be managed. Particularly in freight forwarding companies, every minute often counts. Cost reduction and process optimization therefore play a central role, while at the same time complying with legal regulations such as those on operating or break times. And the security of data, people and commercial vehicles is also essential. In any case, it must be ensured that only authorized persons with the necessary qualifications have access to the vehicles and that the drivers’ personal data is protected at all times. Maximum transparency is also important: only those who can track processes and routes with the help of optimized telematics systems can identify optimization potential and implement changes accordingly. And simple and cost-effective integration into existing personnel systems is also crucial.

Secure and easy-to-use authentication solutions via radio frequency identification (RFID) or near field communication (NFC) or Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) can help overcome these challenges. For example, the existing employee ID card or smartphone is sufficient to ensure reliable, secure and convenient authentication at all times. In conjunction with a telemetry system, they also enable real-time tracking of routes and driver behavior. This means that optimization potential, such as the need for new route planning for lower fuel consumption or faster arrival, can be identified and implemented accordingly.

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