Six Actions to Sell More Workflow Software by Being a Trusted Advisor

Long-term customer relationships are invaluable in sales and the best way to establish and maintain those relationships is by positioning yourself as a trusted advisor. You probably know that already, but it’s easy to overlook when times are tough, and the pressure is on to make a quick sale.

So, let this blog serve as a helpful reminder to take a step back and consider what it takes to become a trusted advisor so that your print provider customers will act on your recommendations. Here are six actions a trusted advisor takes:

  1. Ask questions. No matter what product you sell, you’ll be more successful if you ask questions about your customer’s operations, their workflow, and their challenges. Ask about their customers, too and what those customer’s expectations are because that might impact the solution you suggest. The objective is showing customers that you place their interests first and foremost above yours.
    TIPDid you know that RSA has a suggested list of questions to ask?

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates

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