LOS ALAMITOS, Calif. May 19, 2021 – When working with hazardous materials or chemicals, there are multiple risks that businesses face if a product is mislabeled or non-compliant, such as hefty fines, interruptions in supply chain, and most crucial, safety risks. To help ensure regulatory compliance, improve efficiencies in operation and mitigate safety hazards, businesses can benefit from bringing their industrial label printing – from manufacturing to distribution – in-house.

“The ability to produce durable on-demand color labels with ultra‑sharp text and accurate barcodes is incredibly important in industrial manufacturing,” said Andrew Moore, product manager, Commercial Label Printers, Epson America, Inc. “Epson ColorWorks printers deliver water resistant labels that are smudge, smear and fade resistant, and they’re BS‑5609 certified1 and chemical resistant, providing businesses with peace of mind.”

Epson, TEKLYNX and Avery Dennison are coming together to host a webinar to expand on the logistics and benefits of in-house industrial labeling on Thursday, June 3 at 11 a.m. PT. Representatives will discuss the technologies for in-house color labeling and how the combined solution enables industrial organizations to easily create and print high-volume GHS-compliant labels for various label sizes and product SKUs. The webinar will expand on the advantages of in-house labeling, including:

  • Regulatory Compliance: The Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) require color printing and labeling, such as the inclusion of symbols, statements, identification, and more, to accurately display health and safety information for the handling of chemical products. Most manufacturing and distribution facilities operate in harsh environments, so the technology, as well as the labels, need to hold up under extreme conditions. In addition, labels need to be water resistant, and not smudge, smear or fade. A comprehensive color label solution, like Epson’s ColorWorks® label printers with TEKLYNX CODESOFT barcode label software and Avery Dennison materials, can help ensure compliance with existing and future chemical labeling requirements by granting businesses the ability to create and print color labels in facility and on-demand.
  • Improving Efficiencies in Operation: Because a product cannot be sent out of a facility for shipment without first being labeled, the label printing process is paramount. The use of pre-printed labels – using pre-printed color labels and adding variable data in-house with a thermal printer – and the associated manual label changes can result in errors. With an in-house color label printing solution, businesses can eliminate the need to manage inventory of pre-printed label stock and benefit from no downtime associated with waiting for pre-printed label inventory, streamlined inventory tracking and consistency, and significantly reduce the risk of delayed shipments.
  • Mitigate Safety Hazards: GHS requires label formats to be standardized and produced with colorful elements/symbols to ensure workers can clearly identify the chemical product being handled. Color can better communicate technical information to production staff, management and employees by focusing attention, grouping elements and effectively distinguishing important information from its surrounding context.2 Color labels can increase comprehension of information by as much as 73 percent,3 ultimately resulting in reduction of errors in processes that could potentially result in harm.

“Compliance with GHS is critical for many companies, so lean and easy-to-use labeling is paramount,” said Scott Fabian, enterprise sales engineer, TEKLYNX International. “TEKLYNX software combined with Epson’s ColorWorks on-demand label printers bring more control and stability to the warehouse floor.”

The upcoming webinar will further explore how Epson ColorWorks on-demand label printers and TEKLYNX’ CODESOFT barcode label software provide businesses with automation and control over the entire labeling process – from design, artwork, review, and approval of the label – to ensure quality, accuracy and alignment to tackle GHS compliance with fewer headaches. To register for the “Labeling In-House” webinar on June 3 or for more information, please visit https://epsonamerica.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_aziFc0z3TYG7ApB4PIqqKg.

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Epson is a global technology leader dedicated to co-creating sustainability and enriching communities by leveraging its efficient, compact, and precision technologies and digital technologies to connect people, things, and information. The company is focused on solving societal issues through innovations in home and office printing, commercial and industrial printing, manufacturing, visual and lifestyle. Epson’s goal is to become carbon negative and eliminate use of exhaustible underground resources such as oil and metal by 2050.

Led by the Japan-based Seiko Epson Corporation, the worldwide Epson Group generates annual sales of around JPY 1 trillion. global.epson.com/

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TEKLYNX International helps supply chains work better. Today, more than 750,000 companies in over 170 countries trust TEKLYNX integrated barcode and RFID label design products and the people behind its solutions to make barcode labeling operations efficient, accurate, secure and industry compliant. With over 30 years of experience, TEKLYNX is the global leader because of its reliable software and superior customer support. To learn more about how the TEKLYNX community helps companies across industries worldwide, visit teklynx.com and contact TEKLYNX in your region. Barcode Better™ with TEKLYNX.

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Avery Dennison Corporation is a global materials science company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. The company’s products, which are used in nearly every major industry, include pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications; tapes and other bonding solutions for industrial, medical, and retail applications; tags, labels and embellishments for apparel; and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions serving retail apparel and other markets. Headquartered in Glendale, California, the company employs more than 32,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Reported sales in 2020 were $7.0 billion. Learn more at www.averydennison.com.

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1 Epson announced on May 8, 2012 to have met BS5609 standards, making it the first BS5609 certified inkjet solution using color inkjet printing technology
2 Keyes, Elizabeth (Fourth Quarter, 1993). Typography, Color, and Information Structure. Technical Communication, Special Issue: Visual Communication, 638-654.
3 Johnson, Virginia (1992). The Power of Color. Successful Meetings, Vol. 41, No. 7, 87, 90.

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