A 2022 report from In-plant Impressions, “Trends and Services in the In-Plant Industry,” reveals that in-plants are responding to their internal clients’ needs for new services by expanding their service offerings. Ranking at the top of the list of services many in-plants are adding or planning to add is wide format printing.

According to the report, wide format printing has experienced tremendous growth over the past few years, primarily because of the pandemic and the need for COVID-related safety signage. More than 80% of in-plants now provide wide format printing, with many looking to expand their wide format offerings by acquiring new equipment. Among the wide format products these organizations are planning on purchasing are production print presses, flatbed printers, and contour cutters. Currently, wide format work makes up 14% of these organizations’ revenue, but all signs—no pun intended—point to even larger percentages of wide format revenue on the horizon.

Coinciding with this trend is the latest release of RSA’s WebCRD Web to Print with more wide format features than found in previous releases, including a wide format file upload option that’s faster and easier and requires fewer steps, automatic document sizing and scaling that sets initial materials based on size, and instant price estimates for jobs by the square foot for materials, impressions, and finishing. Additional enhancements include:

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SOURCE Rochester Software Associates