GreatAmerica, a financing company providing office equipment leasing solutions to the imaging space, was one of the principal sponsors of the Select Dealer Group (SDG) Owners Meeting. Their involvement was integral to the success of this informative and engaging event. Presenting to a gathering of influential office technology dealers, representatives from GreatAmerica highlighted their commitment to supporting their industry colleagues. Hannah O’Donnell and Mitch Leahy, both esteemed members of the GreatAmerica team, took to the stage to present insights into their company’s cutting-edge programs: Collabrance® IT and PathShare® HR services.

The participation of GreatAmerica in the SDG Owners Meeting emphasized their dedication to fostering a cooperative and progressive office technology sector. As an influential industry leader, GreatAmerica’s presentation not only reflected their wealth of expertise but also showcased their innovative services. The discussion around their Collabrance IT program and PathShare HR services sparked interest among attendees, displaying GreatAmerica’s commitment to providing unique, value-added solutions for its partners.

GreatAmerica’s strong presence at the SDG Owners Meeting aligns with its long-standing ethos of collaboration and industry excellence. Attendees of the conference were left with a deeper understanding of the company’s robust offerings and its commitment to strengthening relationships within the dealer community. As a sponsor and presenter, GreatAmerica played a significant role in fostering the spirit of cooperation and knowledge sharing that characterizes the SDG Owners Meeting, reaffirming its position as a vital contributor to the ongoing evolution of the office technology landscape.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.