Don’t Let Voltage Sags Bring You Down, Eliminate Them with ESP

What is a voltage sage? As defined by IEEE, it is a reduction in voltage below 90% of nominal for a short time. Sags are caused by faults on the power provider’s transmission or distribution lines and can cause equipment error codes and malfunction. They draw abnormally large amounts of current when the voltage recovers that can trip electrical circuits causing downtime and lost productivity.

  • Power dip protection supplements AC voltage during a sag event
  • Restores voltage within 2 milliseconds
  • Handles sags over a greater range than a standard voltage regulator
  • Protects sensitive equipment and environments

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Source Your ESP Products from Hytec

Hytec is the industry’s leading source for factory-authorized repairs, service support, and factory warranty administration, providing quality solutions that offer imaging dealers with great savings. The partnership enables ESP’s customers the ability to single-source their power protection and parts from one vendor, streamlining the ordering process to save time and money. Hytec’s support and online ordering system will provide faster order processing times, same day shipping and an overall enhanced level of customer support.

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