Companies are at risk for many different types of cyber-crime and attacks, including:

  • Data Breaches: Unauthorized access to or theft of corporate or customer data.
  • Ransomware Attacks: Malware that encrypts an organization’s data, with attackers demanding a ransom to provide the decryption key.
  • Phishing Scams: Fraudulent communication that tricks individuals into providing sensitive data or installing malware.
  • Denial of Service (DoS) or Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Attacks: Overwhelming a system’s resources to make it unavailable to users.
  • Malware Attacks: Malicious software designed to disrupt, damage or gain unauthorized access to a computer system or network.
  • Social Engineering Attacks: Manipulating individuals into breaking normal security procedures to gain unauthorized access to systems or data.
  • Cyber Extortion: Threats to attack a company’s digital assets or release sensitive information unless a ransom is paid.

Some of the most common cyberattacks involve compromised user credentials. User credentials may be stolen as part of a larger data breach or through installed malware such as key loggers. Users can….

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