Elatec, a leading player in the office equipment and technology industry, made a significant impression at the recently concluded ecoSummit 2023, hosted by ecoprintQ at the Long Boat Key Club in Sarasota, FL.

The final day of the summit was marked by a captivating presentation from Rawldon Weekes of Elatec RFID. Weekes provided an in-depth look into the Elatec dealer program and its associated benefits, a topic of considerable interest to the attendees.

Elatec’s drive for innovation was further underscored by the unveiling of several new projects currently in the works. This revelation promised an exciting future for Elatec and the industry at large, emphasizing their role as forward-thinking leaders in the sector.

The conference allowed Elatec to engage with office equipment resellers, vendors, manufacturers, and partners such as ecoprintQ, PaperCut, Ricoh, and DEX Imaging. These interactions underscored the shared commitment to progress, innovation, and collaboration within the industry.


Elatec’s participation at the ecoSummit 2023 demonstrated the company’s ongoing dedication to the industry’s growth and sustainable development. As we reflect on the summit’s success, we eagerly anticipate the new directions Elatec and its partners will take in navigating this rapidly evolving landscape.

SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.