Creating a “ Low-Touch” Office

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By Bob Burnett, Brother – The pandemic disrupted organizations and workforces everywhere, but with an end potentially in sight, enterprises are preparing for the gradual return of employees back to the office. Not every plan for return will look the same for every company. A recent study found that 81 percent of employers are limiting the number of onsite workers, and when workers do come back, 75 percent of employers will stagger start, stop and break times. In fact, not every employee will return to the office full-time ever again; the shift to remote work en masse caused by the pandemic was successful for many organizations, and some have announced that some of their staff can work from home permanently.

Bob Burnett, Brother

But, there are still many benefits for employers and employees alike for at least a partial return to the office (like a desire to separate our work and home lives). This transition won’t happen overnight for the workers who do return but will rather play out slowly and conservatively over the coming months, as businesses rightly understand that we are in an unprecedented situation, and employees may have concerns that must be addressed.

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