What do you know about toner? 15 Min. WEBINAR Shows You.

 16:30 Greenwich Mean Time, May 19, 2022

As business continues to recover from COVID-19, color printing is stable and continues to increase according to IDC data.

Are you ready for the great potential of this segment? Do you know how to choose reliable products to win loyalty from users and markets? And what makes a good color toner cartridge? What kind of products can help you win a slice of this market cake?

99% of people cannot answer these questions.

If you don’t want to miss this slice of market cake, then don’t miss this 15-min webinar. You’re going to learn:

  • Chemical toner or physical toner? How to choose for your color toner cartridges?
  • Reman color toner cartridges and new-built toner cartridges, which performs better?
  • The hidden failures of color toner cartridges you may not notice when your source from your supplier

This webinar is FREE for all customers, so BOOK NOW to reserve your place. Here is the link to register: https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/559083393693959184

For further information, please contact info@ggimage.com or visit www.ggimage.com.

About Walk The Talk

Walk the Talk features a series of webinars that leaves no stone unturned in bringing you the latest ideas, innovations, strategies, experiences and opportunities to thrive in the new post-pandemic landscape. Color talk is the first episode of Walk the Talk series. Stay tuned.

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