Power Management Solutions Help AV Customer Become More Profitable

The Challenge

“HB Communications’ business involves management of our clients’ AV equipment and UC infrastructure but before we get any system set up it is important for us – and our clients – to understand the power environment their systems will be working on.”

“Now with enVision and Axess Elite, we can identify issues, initiate remote reboots, and establish an order of operations for recurring system shut down and restart.”

The Solution

“The enVision product from SurgeX has been the perfect solution for this need, to the point that we have started including it in HB Communications’ managed service offerings. Prior to install of AV or UC systems we’ll run the enVision at our client’s site to make sure the power environment is solid and to establish a baseline. Then, once the client’s system is up and running, enVision allows us to remotely identify and troubleshoot issues from our Networks Ops Center, which we use to monitor and provision client sites across the region.”

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 Source Your ESP Products from Hytec

Hytec is the industry’s leading source for factory-authorized repairs, service support, and factory warranty administration, providing quality solutions that offer imaging dealers with great savings. The partnership enables ESP’s customers the ability to single-source their power protection and parts from one vendor, streamlining the ordering process to save time and money. Hytec’s support and online ordering system will provide faster order processing times, same day shipping and an overall enhanced level of customer support.

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How Power Conditioners, Analytics Software and Support can Increase the Profitability of Your Business