This video highlights Hytec Dealer Services’ innovative approach to fuser repairs, reducing service costs, and increasing equipment longevity. It emphasizes their unique methodology, where they meticulously rebuild their customers’ fusers and fixing assemblies using only genuine OEM parts. They replace all parts found in the PM kits, along with any additional parts as needed, including gears, thermisters, covers, and more. This holistic repair process ensures the maximum life of the fuser, thus ensuring the best return on their customers’ investments.

Once the rebuild process is complete, Hytec live tests each fuser in its respective machine, confirming its optimal working condition before it leaves our facility. This not only maintains the machine’s UL compliance but also improves the fuser’s yield and lifespan at your customer’s site. By replacing additional parts, Hytec ensures the fuser lasts longer, allowing more time between service calls. This practice not only aids in reducing service costs but also supports zero-to-landfill initiatives and alleviates strain on the supply chain.

SOURCE Hytec Dealer Services