ITC Systems’ netZcore Campus Commerce Solution in the Cloud, SaaS for Higher Ed!

USA & Canada, April 29th, 2021 – ITC Systems’ SaaS based Cloud based Campus Commerce solution – netZcore, allows schools, retirement homes and other like institutions to consolidate their Unattended Point of Sale (UPOS) and Attended Point of Sale (POS) applications into one easy to deploy solution that services students, residents, faculty and other users within those closed environments.

Features for this SaaS solution continue to grow and below are just a few of them. Take a look and reach out for more information:

  • Fully Cloud based solution -Totally SaaS based, fail over protected, MS Azure hosted and 100% secure.
  • Unlimited Entities available – We can add institutions to the same instance of netZcore however each would have its own secure database and functionality.
  • Each Entity share the features provided by netZcore – Features such as unlimited credentials, meal plans and accounts. Targeted UPOS and POS transactions to the correct application and drain order within the users record. On campus and off campus transaction processing capabilities.
  • netZcore supports Credit Card payments – Gives the user the ability to pay for meal plans, add value to accounts, pay parking using debit and credit cards via a PCI compliant web site. All credential related transaction history can be reviewed online as well.
  • Integration to many disparate systems – Gathering student information from a variety of SIS, bringing in the data and pictures from photo ID software, updating residence and security systems with current information and providing import/export to and from other data based and ERP solutions.
  • POS and UPOS Terminals – POS integration for Food service, C-Stores, Book stores and such make for a one stop shop for manned POS. ITC Systems manufactures UPOS terminals such as PayStations, Laundry Master Controllers, Vending machine terminals, Copy Print Release and control terminals, Mini-POS, Attendance Terminals, Registration devices and Loaders to add value and dispense cards.
  • netZcore PRINT – Total integration to our print management product to provide a truly one stop shop for any campus.

Excited to know more about this Campus Commerce solution? Well, reach out to us at

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