Umango… What is It and What Value does It Offer?

Although COVID-19 has had a major impact on the office technology industry, in the Umango is a global leader in the development of document scanning, file conversion and imaging software. Umango has a long history producing easy to install, configure and use software that also provides a great user experience at the MFP.

They bridge the gap between where the document is sourced and how and where it is delivered. A true content on ramp solution. Umango offers ways to consolidate data/document entry points to send information to back-end systems.

Umango is a high performance, feature-rich scanning software solution that offers you a smart way to enhance and seamlessly integrate your scanning into your information infrastructure. Umango optimizes business processes with intelligent capture, processing, and distribution.

“We are dealing with hundreds of responses every day and Umango has not only made it easy to input this information but we can save time doing so. We’ve also got the ability now to separate, batch and categorize the information which we couldn’t do easily prior to having the software.”

“It only took about half an hour of training for us to learn how to use the software. It really is that easy to use.”

 -Typical Umango Customer’s Reaction

Umango is primarily targeted at the small to medium sized businesses. Umango’s products are easy to install, configure and use. They lower the support and training overhead and deliver the key features in an easy to use, clean interface that is cost effective. All this, while seamlessly adding value to the MFD. With Umango, a new user can install our applications, configure a job and be running it at the MFD literally within a few minutes – even with limited or no training at all. No IIS requirement, no heavy IT requirement, and no complex technical configuration.

All in all… by bringing together a comprehensive set of best-in class, intelligent scanning features including functions and a user-friendly design, Umango transforms your entire network of input devices into an exceptionally integrative, finely tuned programmable system for your workflows.

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