Streamline Student Records Management with Document Capture Technology

From digitizing old student records to maintaining new ones, document capture technology automates and streamlines records management for a faster, cost-efficient process.

How long does it take to intake student records? What if data entry was reduced by 90%?

How long does it take you to find a student record? What if you could do so instantly?

Simplifying student records management starts with digitization but, without the right tools, converting archived documents that are instantly searchable and remotely accessible can be a headache.

Skip the manual entry of these complex forms with software as intelligent as it is effective. Document capture technology removes the painstaking process of sorting through physical forms by hand and – with advanced data extraction and optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities – converts complicated pages of student records into a secure, searchable database.

A Secure, Disaster-Proof Repository

Student records carry sensitive information – everything from medical information to grades and regulatory forms like FERPA – that must be carefully handled and stored. However, physical documents are at risk of being misplaced or damaged by termites, fires, floods, and other natural disasters.

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