MyQ Roger | The Card Deck Challenge

Ever since MyQ Roger was launched as MyQ’s answer to the accelerating cloud transformation trend, there have been questions swirling around.

What can it do?

Is it just for mobile printing? 

Can I scan documents using my phone?

And what does “Digital Workplace Assistant” mean, really? 

Instead of holding their cards close to the chest, MyQ has decided to put them on the table for everyone to see. In the following video, MyQ CEO Martin Januš introduces a deck of playing cards, explaining the unique features of MyQ Roger one by one.

Once MyQ Roger’s functionality as a digital assistant is laid out, Martin Januš announces a challenge for competitors in the cloud solution arena. “They now have a chance to play the same cards. We can compare them one by one, and our customers can judge what is the best solution on the market,” he says.

The cards are now being presented again in a more in-depth manner on MyQ’s social media, and the discussion is open to anyone who is interested in a fair comparison between cloud printing solutions – be it the customers or competitors themselves.


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