Cannatas Launch a Research Company

Cannata Research Group Launches to Deliver End-User Research to the Imaging, Business Technology and Managed Services Industries 

First Report Delivers Insight Into COVID-19’s Impact on Today’s Remote Workplace 

(Hamburg, N.J., May 11, 2021) – After 42 years, The Cannata Group, LLC today announced the formation of an all-new entity – The Cannata Research Group (CRG) – to meet the need for end user research in the business technology and managed service industries.

The multi-function printer (MFP) market changed dramatically during the pandemic, with increasing numbers of employees working from home. The inaugural CRG report explores the significant impact of COVID-19 on the industry and was developed in conjunction with the Seton Hall Research Center at the Stillman School of Business.

“The Cannata Research Group was developed to meet the growing needs of our dealer and reseller partners seeking end-user research that will ultimately improve their businesses,” said Donovan Dixon, president, The Cannata Research Group. “In recent years, most traditional research firms have cut staff and resources dedicated to in-depth research into the imaging and printing space. We created the Cannata Research Group to fill that gap by delivering unbiased market research, end user studies, due diligence reports and analysis, as well as timely insights to the imaging, printing and adjacent marketplaces.”

CRG’s first report uncovered a number of key learnings and recommendations for imaging dealers and resellers dealing with declines in page revenue, as well as companies navigating the shift to working from home. CRG found that 79% of respondents working from home are now using equipment other than MFPs and as a result, companies should evaluate whether there is compatibility and adequate security between printing/imaging equipment used in the home office space (such as smartphones, Dropbox or iCloud) and typical corporate capture, storage and filing applications/technologies.

“The Market Research Center at Seton Hall University was thrilled to assist the Cannata Research Group with its first study, which explored the impact of COVID-19 on the printing and imaging industry,” said Adam Warner, director of the Market Research Center at Seton Hall University. “In our research, several interesting insights around rising security concerns, equipment needs and document digitization rose to the top that will help Cannata Research Group inform and guide the industry both during the pandemic and post-pandemic era.”

Upcoming research topics that CRG plans to explore include: a deep dive into the Security Concerns of Remote Work; a 2020 End-User Study Report available May 2021; and Vendor Profiles, among others. Insights will be available to annual subscribers, as well as on a per-report basis.

“It has been a long-time dream of the Cannata Group to leverage our expertise and knowledge and develop a research arm,” said Frank G. Cannata, Founder and Editor at Large. “Our team is so fortunate to have industry expert Donovan Dixon on board to lead this exciting new effort.”

About The Cannata Research Group

The Cannata Research Group is the research arm of The Cannata Group LLC and serves the research needs of the U.S. imaging industry. Cannata Research Group uses its expertise in consulting to provide data and insights to the commercial office, imaging, business technology and managed services spaces to help inform and advise clients on industry trends that help shape decision making. For more information or to purchase reports, please contact Don Dixon at 973-600-5957,

SOURCE The Cannata Report

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