Executive Training for Imaging Dealers

IDEA – Independent Dealer Executive Academy

  • Provides the training every Dealer Principal must have to possess the tactics necessary to achieve benchmark performance in Sales, Service and Finance/Administrative functions.
  • This training is a must for all Dealer Principals, Dealer General Management and Dealer executives with cross functional responsibility.
  • Accounting & finance – areas of focus relative to the MFP/MPS financial benchmarking model, Balance Sheet / Income Statements, Cash Flows and Key Financial Ratios.
  • President’s report –Financial Components – what should you look at, how often should you review, and what level of drill down should occur based on the results of the data.
  • Service operations – Primary Drivers of Operational and Financial Performance in Service, How to Quantify Your Inefficiencies in Service, Primary Service MUST DO’s that require successful Execution, 5 Things Your Service Manager Should be Expected To Provide You Each Week, Tactics to achieve MFP/MPS service benchmarks.
  • Admin operations –Inventory Management / Best Practices, Achieving Receivables portfolio Management benchmarks, Warehousing Best Practices, Effective Payroll practices and controls, Internal I.T. considerations and safeguards.
  • Sales operations – Utilize the Pros Sales Playbook for documenting the Expectations of a Sales Professional, developing quantifiable Sales Assignments, creating a Sales Culture throughout the organization, Achieving Sales Activity Benchmarks, Effective Prospecting tools, Qualifying and Rapport building practices and questions for MPS, Sales Activity Tracking / Data Base Management, Productive Compensation Structure, Leasing considerations for the future.

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SOURCE Industry Analysts Inc.

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