Kyocera Awarded Great Place to Work Recognition

Fairfield, NJ – Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. is proud to announce that it has been certified as a Great Place to Work. The certification proves the company’s firm belief in pursuing a philosophy which places people at the core of all operations, starting with the Kyocera family.

Great Place to Work evaluates and rates thousands of candidates to appear in the ranking of the best companies to work for. It does this by surveying more than 100 million employees in some 60 countries around the world.

At Kyocera, the printing and document management solutions company has earned the honor thanks to its tireless work on the front lines of management policies and practices. Today, to work at Kyocera is to work at one of the best organizations in America.

Great Place to Work certifies companies, but it is employees who decide whether or not a company can qualify for the recognition. While in the United States 57% of employees say they work at a great company, this figure rises to 73% when it comes to Kyocera.

82% of employees agree that they can make a difference at Kyocera.”

The certification process also revealed that nearly 9 out of 10 employees acknowledge a clear work-life balance at the end of the workday, 86% rate the onboarding process positively, and 82% believe that their talent is well-managed at Kyocera.

To attract talent, they must see their job as a healthy and promising living space; a place to learn, value and be valued. The fact that 82% of employees feel proud after a compliment and believe they can be themselves at work is a clear sign of the excellence Kyocera has achieved.

The Great Place to Work methodology also requires employees to pass the Trust Index™ test; a questionnaire sent via email to employees, which measures their experience in 15 different sub-dimensions. In Kyocera’s case, employees have spoken out.

The general sentiment orbits between concepts such as “philosophy”, “people”, “team” or “family.” Other terms related to work, culture, opportunities, or authenticity also appear in the employees’ responses. It all adds up to the same idea: that Kyocera is a great place for talent.

It is not surprising that almost 50% of the workforce is made up of people with less than 5 years’ seniority. There is a clear strategic intent to attract the youngest and most ambitious professionals – those most aligned with the company’s transformational philosophy.

“The day-to-day is enjoyable, the colleagues are very friendly, there are plenty of training opportunities, an excellent vacation package and great benefits. Best of all, I report to a great boss,” says an engineer in the IT department at the U.S. headquarters.

After years of hard work and dedication, Kyocera has succeeded in making its job offer very attractive to the employees of the future. Kyocera’s own philosophy reflects the company’s intention to act responsibly to improve the workforce while respecting people and the environment at the same time.

In return, the company offers a unique value system, a diverse work culture, significant collective benefits and exciting opportunities for growth and development. In the face of creativity, transparency and honesty, Kyocera has now found international recognition.

Employees are what make organizations great,” explains Óscar Sánchez, CEO and president of Kyocera Document Solutions America, Inc. “The mix of ideas, backgrounds, experiences and the bonds that form great teams is what separates the good companies from the very good ones.”

“This achievement is one which makes us proud. As an organization with a strong philosophy that believes in doing the right thing as a human being, there is no better recognition than one that shows the value we place upon the Kyocera family.”

Great Place to Work puts one of the world’s leading names in document management and printing solutions on the right pedestal. Kyocera is already one of the best companies to work for in the Americas.

We are a great place to work!

We are thrilled to announce that our employees think Kyocera is a Great Place to Work.

73% of our team voted us to be a Great Place to Work which is over 15% more than the average US company!

SOURCE Kyocera

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